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When & Why

Updated: Jan 11

All believers or most human beings have spent their lives asking two types of questions from God that are prefixed with When & Why?

Think about it for a while!

It need not be in this order of when first but it can also be a why first depending on the situation and circumstances.

We all sometimes wished that God revealed Himself to us in the clouds, sky or teleported Himself before us in our lowest moments and gave us a way out. Our nature is so hardwired to reality and evidence based believing, which is in total opposition to how God set forth life after the fall of man.

We have been given faith that is the only channel & link to seeing God in the spirit, feeling Him in our spirit and receiving from Him what He has in store for us. Living life in reality and seeings the things that are seen -which we know are temporal - we still lose our confidence and hope when we see all that is happening in this reality and how it affects our lives too. But as Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 4:18, that we do not look at the things that are temporal, we need to continuously do this till our last breath while we are living in reality. Our spirit being (inner being) has to live in faith, walk in faith, which means living in the spirit and walking in the spirit.

But, we (the believing body of Christ) like stubborn beings go back to asking ‘why did you let this happen, God? Why are you doing this to me or them? Why are you not letting me have this job? Why are you not healing me when I am praying on my knees? The pitiful list can go on -picture billions of beings around the world reaching out to God every second asking everything prefixed with a ‘why’.

And then when we get no answers or feel unsatisfied with the reality, we then shift our line of questioning to ‘when will you answer Lord? When will you give me a breakthrough? When will you deliver us? When will you put an end to this pain and suffering in my body?

This is the nature of being a fallen human; even the most faithful human in the body of Christ will have such moments and it is these moments that are essential in humbling ourselves to ask Him and leave it to Him to take care of it- both the when and the why.

Sometimes, when we picture our Eternal Father listening to the number of questions prefixed with when and why, it reveals the plight of humanity; that though we are blessed to be alive for a purpose and we have enough scriptural references where He has asked us to live in faith and be at peace, we still proceed forth repeatedly asking the Lord out of desperation.

If we continue to live our life asking questions prefixed with when and why, we will always be unhappy, miserable and lacking peace and joy.

Let us trade our when and why for a Thank You continually as we move on in each day that the Lord has gifted, then our inner being will be strengthened and we will be at peace with ourselves and not fret about, desperate and full of anxiety.

Thank Him that He has given us the privilege to be alive and we can serve Him in our earthly bodies until we are redeemed into Eternity.

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