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What is God doing now?

Updated: Jul 9

Some times, the believer might ask ‘God, what are you doing now?’ Or we wonder what is God’s thoughts right now? It mostly arises out of a doubtful mind when we see the world in context of so many people, races, countries and all of us living our days out on Earth and wonder if God is really taking care of us or listening to us?

Whenever we look at ‘temporeality’ and try to understand God’s power, we are putting a limit to God’s powers. The sad ‘reality’ of ‘temporeality’ is that is it defined and proven by our existence in time and being held by gravity, therefore it is encased within a limit that we define. Human nature is limited by the extent of our reality and our conceptions of it through our imagination. Our lives are underpinned by realities all around us and we find it hard to let go off that reality and seek to live in a ‘continuous spirituality’.

Where the power of gravity ends, that’s where the real work of spirituality starts and thrives.

When we learn to believe in Him and in His eternal powers completely, we then feel a sense of calm and are reassured that He is in charge and we don’t need to look at reality to take our reference for circumstances. When we keep looking at Him in faith He will surely comfort us and guide us in the reality that He has put us in. When we believe every minute that our life is purposed by Him, we would be at rest and at ease and our questioning of God becomes more of an acknowledging.

Exchange your questioning attitude with an acknowledging gratitude.

Paul writing in Colossians 1:16 says, ‘For all things were created by Him and for Him, that are in Heaven, and that are in Earth, whether they be thrones, dominions, or principalities or powers, all things were created by Him and for Him.’ Therefore reality is included in ‘all things’ even though the world that we live in doesn’t belong to us from an earthly perspective but to the prince of this world, yet He gives us enough grace to live in this world until our time comes to end.

God who made everything through Christ does not have to nor is ‘maintaining’ what He created because what He created and ordained was without any scaffolding that is synonymous with man’s creations and inventions. God doesn’t need an earthly source of power to keep the planet and everything going without 'shutting off'. Whatever God created and ordained it was done on the source of His own power through His word which is eternally magnificent.

Therefore, God is not a supreme ‘Maintenance Director’ who is ensuring everything that He created is running well. In Colossians 1:19, Paul writes 'For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell'. He ordained it once and it came forth and it stands as long as He wills it to stand. Job 26:7 says ‘He stretched the North over the empty place and hangs the earth on nothing’ and in the same chapter in verse 10, it says ‘He hath compassed the waters with bounds until the day and night comes to an end.’ He is eternally powerful and we are privileged to be in that Eternity and to feel God’s power through our earthly lives. Only what man creates with his human effort will always need constant repair and maintenance to sustain it.

Christ is with God right now and in 1 Peter 3:22, where it says 'who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.' We know that angels, authorities and powers are made subject unto Him.

This verse should be our context in answering what is God doing now in a very broad way. If, we the believers, are living in the body of Christ on Earth in our spiritual life, then it is the same power that comes from Christ being with God that keeps the body of Christ on Earth in this temporeality, going from strength to strength, in each new day after new day, powering us with His blessings, wisdom, peace and humility flowing through our renewed minds.

We wonder about the possibility or ‘impossibility’ that God is simultaneously interacting or talking to all those billions of believers walking around on Earth who are reaching out to Him in faith! We wonder about its impossibility because we use an earthly reference to understand God’s power. If we can accept that the same Sun - the single Sun - is shining upon one part of the Earth’s day and powering nature, drying our clothes, powering solar panels and carrying out its inestimable duties, then why can’t we believe that God who created the Sun is even more powerful than the sun and that listening to billions of people reaching out to Him is no hard task?

We tend to use a human reference which is sequential and linear when we want to understand God’s power. But God does not perform in a linear way - if He were to do so then He wouldn’t be God. We were made human which means we were made subject to a one dimensional nature of a linear fashion. One thought at a time! So, God, is listening to those who are reaching out to Him in the spirit and is responding according to the purpose He ordained for our lives.

We can only understand God’s power when we take out our earthly lens and put on our spiritual lens and then our thinking is directed by the Spirit.

God is not forgiving our sins each time a believer utters a prayer of guilt and shame! God already forgave all our sins - past, present and future through Christ on the cross.

So each time we pray, we are only claiming the blood of Christ which is still alive in the spirit that is comforting us through the forgiveness of our sins. But the spirit then continues to direct our lives and live in faith.

God is with Christ waiting for many more to be saved according to the purpose that He set for you - those from the Book of Life and who are being born, living, and dying in the body of Christ.

God is a not a chief administrator sitting in Heaven with a book before Him but He is with Christ unto whom all powers are being made subject.

God is sustaining us through His love and grace

God is waiting for as many purposed people that have to be saved into the believing body of Christ

God is bestowing His peace that stills our hearts and minds

God is healing those who are praying in faith and claiming their healing by believing

God is delivering those who are going through tough situations so that His glory might shine in our lives

God is restoring all those who have gone through difficult situations and are struggling in life.

God is multiplying all those in the body of Christ who are waiting for His faithful abundance that He pours out on us

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