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Trusting when we are at a low

Updated: Mar 9

The entire life of a believer is a journey steeped in variations of the strength of our faith. Even the 'best' believer will have days of doubts and begin to question the circumstances of any situation. But if we do not turn to Him in our weakest moments and our troubling moments, then when will we turn to Him?

Human nature - even in believers - has an established pattern, a protocol of sorts that when things are going fine, most of us are not mindful of giving thanks and acknowledging His doing in our lives. But only when things begin to go off track or we are faced with a difficult moment, it is then that we come 'running' towards Him and throw a string of requests, desperate pleas and make all sorts of promises in order to have Him work that which we are in need of.

The manner in which we live our believing lives is in full display in the body of Christ and God who is a spirit (John 4:24) is observant of everyone's outlook and approach in their lives. Therefore, if we come to Him from a point of 'rest' that He wants us to be at (Heb 4:10), then those difficulties or low moments that we are encountering will not become desperate and clumsy pleas before Him. Because His strength that will make us perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9) will keep us composed.

Of course, from an Earthly point of view, some help may come or the situation might get better but we cannot deny that these are all temporal responses; our low moments might come back again. Therefore, we do not live our ‘believing life’ asking God to not bring low moments but instead we ask Him to give us strength in the spirit where we can increase our faith, and our hope in Him in the trial that we are facing while being at 'rest'. A believer’s life is a continuous practice of repeating an act of thinking in faith and walking in the spirit while being at rest!

It has often been said that it is easy to say such things to another person who is at a low but for one to experience that low or troubling moment is a different thing. While there is no denying that it is always easy to say such things to another when we are in a slightly better position, every believer has to go through a range of circumstances in life that will always be a mixed bag.

But the quality of our faith, the strength of our unwavering trust in Him, in His promises and a rededication of our life to Him will help us get through the storm.

Let us not forget that Peter whom Christ called the Rock on which He would build the church was himself in a moment of doubt when he saw the wind (the wind can be compared to your current problem) while walking on the water towards Christ (Matthew 14:30).

The moment we look at reality or are reminded by it or we remind ourselves of it, that’s when that low moment we are going through gets even lower and we feel there is no way out and we push faith to a side. In such moments, continuing to look at Him in the spirit and shielding our human nature with faith (shield) and His word (sword) will ride us out of those moments.

Having faith when everything is going good will not really be the complete test of the strength of our faith in Him. But it is only when we are at our lowest, our most weakest, when the troubles are brewing around and increasing their intensity, it is then when our faith is at its full test.

Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). Therefore the bigger test of our faith and resolve is when we go through our trials or difficult moments and how we respond in faith and please God or in other words how do we maintain a respectful relationship with Him. By believing in faith - which means listening, receiving, obeying and acting in faith - we are pleasing Him through our testimony of continuous faith.

Many times, people who read the Bible wonder what is all this talk about living and walking in the spirit & faith. To the world that is wrangled up and obsessed with reality, proof and evidence, the spiritual life that God has asked of us will never make sense to them. The world will tell you, it all depends on your fate, luck or hard work. But the believing body of Christ doesn’t need luck or doesn’t need to think of fate because when we have Christ in our lives, He leads us on the path that He has set for us.

Therefore if you are facing a difficulty in your life - maybe your health or a finance related matter or any other troubling situation, pray and ask the Lord to give you strength to endure this hardship and also ask Him for wisdom, peace and humility so that you can take the right decision in order to set the thing right. But most importantly, labour to enter and be at that rest that He wants us to be at (Heb 4:11). There are often times that our needs are within our control and there are sometimes when things are beyond our control. When you put your request before Him, He knows when to provide and give you a way.

But we should always remember that throughout the journey we patiently endure and that act of patience is being at His rest.

Romans 8:25

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

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