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The Greatest Reset

Updated: Jul 12

For all the hype that the Great Reset pushed around by the World Economic Forum is creating in people’s minds, let us remind ourselves that it is only a man made modern event in this temporal reality that might surely take place or perhaps has already begun.

But most do not realise that the world already had its Greatest Reset when Jesus Christ came in the world, was God manifested in the flesh, was crucified, and arose from the grave.

This was not an event staged or played out by men of the world driven by vested motives to harness more power but it was and will be The Greatest Reset of a powerful reality in this temporal world that will ultimately lead us to Eternity.

The very fact that we count centuries forward after His birth is a resetting of the most powerful kind that most of us seem to hardly notice.

The secular world has tried to do away with references to Christ in the labelling or number of years; Before Christ (B.C.) & In the Year of our Lord (Anno Domini - A.D. ) are given alternative references such as BCE/CE (Before the Common Era & Common/Current Era). Removing any reference to the death and resurrection of the Lord and neutralising the term as to appease the non-religious world might given them a sense of satisfaction but in reality it doesn't change the irrefutable fact that Christ came, lived, died and arose.

There is no other plausible explanation or comparison that any other philosophy, religion or doctrine can convey which justified this Greatest Reset. Calendar years are based on this resetting and we are moving forward in an already reset world going towards a countdown to the start of Eternity. Even if some countries maintain a different calendar based on their religious faith, nevertheless in a globalized world for trade and commerce, these countries end up referring to the Gregorian calendar.

God coming in the flesh through Christ and walking on Earth - His own creation - confirmed the resetting of the world that we still are living in today. You can look up any other religious scriptures, books, read up on some powerful thinkers and yet you will find not a single convincing reason that will lead you to understand the resetting of the calendar.

For a moment, picture our current year being counted as a year continuing from the first year of creation - or for those coming from the loins of apes - counting from 4.543 billion years onwards. To imagine the havoc it would entail - counting of the years in the millions. If we go by a rough calculation of 5000 or 10,000 (no one can ever tell the exact start not even the best carbon dating device) plus odd years from the Biblical creation of the world, we could possibly count our current century in an incremental tally but that would be of no effect without the Greatest Reset taking place.

Man would have found a way out with his limited wisdom to count in the millions, but it has been two thousand years and we are still counting forward after the Greatest Reset into the 21st century. Most countries around the world have established this reference and a hype was also created around the end of 1999 that served no use. Without the coming of Jesus, the Greatest Reset would not have taken place. If we understand the power of His coming, we will then be able to see through the eternal purpose that He has set apart for all time.

We might be alarmed or excited at the prospects of the staged Great Reset that is taking place courtesy of the World Economic Forum, but when our minds have already been touched and ignited by the Greatest Reset, we have only eternity to look ahead to and not a staged earthly reality.

We live in this staged reality already delivered and privileged to be part of Eternity.

2 Corinthians 4:18

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." (NIV)

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