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Three Trees

The completed work of Creation in the garden of Eden closes with the instruction of not eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But after the disobedience of man, his ouster from the garden ensured that he (and Eve) would not be tempted to eat of the tree of Life. Now, we will never know if Adam and Eve were aware of the tree of life because reading Genesis 3:22, it seems that God was proclaiming to the Trinity.

The first tree that symbolised the knowledge of good and evil enabled (through the deceit of the serpent) man to become like ‘one of the Gods’ but of course with its limitations. We all know that while we marvel in the ideas we generate, the creativity we espouse and the things we create on Earth, we are still limited in our powers & abilities that correspond to creating things out of nothing, creating space, designing galaxies, new planets and creating a new model of life in the human body.

But the tree of knowledge of good and evil gave us enough content - and is still giving - to understand the limited differences in our knowledge that would ensue after the Fall and the narrative that could be created against all that is good. Therefore the history of life & civilization is about extracting as much knowledge of good & evil mostly from that fruit and try to be like God while being in our bodies.

When the first two human beings that God created fell through disobedience, what followed was what we are still dealing with thousands of years later - shame, guilt and suffering. Those who see the story of creation as myth or allegory should also realize that in the context of the newly formed Earth, nature and human beings, nature was the only and most powerful reference point for education & sustenance for the first two humans and their offspring, hence the powerful reality of trees bearing fruit of knowledge in the garden of Eden.

Only after creating land and nature and then producing man on that land, did his fallen earthly senses begin to grow in the understanding of what God created and how it could be put to use. And that is the reason we are still using the originally intended products of nature for our use today; trees that we fell and use for a variety of needs, its leaves, flowers and fruits and how it contributes to the world of science and medicine; the metals, ores and precious stones that are placed beneath the surface of the Earth for us to run the mercantile and industrial orders of the world.

When God purposed Creation through Christ, He also set Him apart to purchase our redemption from the garden of Eden on the tree of grace on which He shed His blood for us once and for all. This purchase has given us the privilege to spend eternity with Him.

Thus God putting the knowledge of good and evil into a fruit is powerful enough of a reality to recreate in our minds. But we are only drawn to the evil that is in the fruit. Take a look at humanity today and the way life is being lived around the world. Here, in the first decades of the 21st century, the manner in which futurists, transhumanists are progressing, is towards that other tree which God didn’t let man take a bite from - the tree of Life.

It’s interesting to note that when God decided to keep man away from the tree of Life, the serpent didn’t beguile Eve. But we should also realise that the devil never would have wanted man and woman to live forever, therefore he saw no need to tempt woman to eat the fruit because the devil himself knows he doesn’t have the privilege to live into eternity. And moreover, when God banished man out of the garden, even the devil could not get access in there. But the devil much rather have more people die a death both physically and spiritually so he can have a larger number of people with him through his miserable eternity.

We need to remind ourselves that the second tree of Life from the garden awaits us and the only way to that tree of Life is through believing in Christ who shed His blood on the Tree of Grace. Our lives on Earth in this temporal body is proof enough that we are marked to die because of the fallen act of man until God feels the time is right for Christ to bring this temporeality to an end. Therefore He purposed the tree of Life as a reference point for us to draw towards only by believing.

Let us live our lives as a pleasing sacrifice unto God and live and walk in the faith and by the spirit.

Revelation 2:7

"Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God."

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