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Eternity Through Temporeality

We live life on Earth for a while; born into our families, we grow up, work through our adult life, accept our circumstances and conditions, settle down, grow old and then die. This has been the routine for man and woman in our earthly bodies for thousands of years and there hasn’t been even a slight deviation from this established order. We look at the sky and see the clouds, the stars, sun & moon and they have also journeyed with us in our Earthly life in their established order.

But if that was the whole point of being alive and being human, then you might wonder what is the point of life? The unbelieving world conjures up all sorts of reasoning, logic and philosophies with their definite limitations of thought and work all their lives in creating a legacy in the memories of those who knew them. The world will agree with this conclusion most emphatically and find this as the only way to live life on Earth. Therefore they live each day trying to do good, stay away from harm, try to have good health and toil in their labour to feed themselves. They aspire for a good balance in their physical lives and hope to go through life with the least sorrow, pain and grief.

And then when they die, they do not know exactly where their spirit being ends? If we compare gasoline as the spirit that makes the vehicle move through its combustion then you can compare burnt fuel to the burnt life of ours when we die. And the world tells you that is all there is to it and there’s no more to it. Some faiths will lead you to the realm of good deeds done here and its recompense in another life.

Our spirit being inside the body of Christ is never burnt up into nothingness. Our bodies will perish into nothingness, decay and go back to dust or ashes but when the Eternal God breathed life into the first man, He breathed from Eternity unto Eternity!

No matter how you want to question that or view that, you cannot change the reality that you are alive now, a spirit being with a soul in your body which moves and breathes and directs your senses, triggers your emotions and memories. And that there have billions and billions of people who have come before us and carried out the same Reality is an incontrovertible fact.

The meaning of life is encapsulated in the plan of God our Eternal Father. The fact that you live all your life planning for the days ahead in order to have success in all your ventures is but a small portion of the image of God that we carry in our minds and in that image is our eagerness to plan out our days to live them on Earth until we pass away. If God created man and breathed life into Him, then it is obvious that Death is pointless in God’s sight. But man’s fall brought in death to our bodies.

One might glorify Death and claim that without Death the cycle of life cannot be effective. Everything in nature lives to die; trees, plants, creatures, animals. But God made a clear distinction between water creatures, land creatures and air creatures and more importantly - human beings. When He created man, He was ordaining a being multiplied in endless numbers to live through Eternity and represent Him on Earth right through forever.

An Eternity with Him or without Him is a choice you in your bodies.

All of us today who are alive, and all those who have been coming from Adam all have a unique purpose in our reality. God purposed that life in all of humanity from the first man until the last earthly man would pass on to eternity (a choice you make) through the resurrected body of Christ. Whether you are a believer or non-believer, our families give us the context of our lives and then we choose to carve out our own unique path and contribute something good back to the world.

We spend our lives wondering, observing, waiting & questioning why seeing the condition of humanity, our circumstances, and the way the world is running to its end. But we are never are able to understand it through our temporal wisdom and reality. When we leave it to the Eternal father, we feel a sense of lightened ease that relieves us of our present dilemmas. Let’s face it, no man or woman from the beginning of time has the power to claim that he or she helped in the growth of a seed or aided in trees bringing forth flowers and fruits. Nor can humanity claim that they have brought forth water and the creatures of the air, water and land.

God our Eternal Father chose to weave out Reality through Eternity. Earth is only a detour from where we are supposed to be - back with Him in Eternity.

Sometimes, we can see ourselves as blessed to be alive and having our presence in our bodies for a limited number of days where we have the chance to represent Him in our lives, to share His love and hope and to live life knowing that we are righteous in Him.

We need to accept our place in our bodies, be grateful for everything He has made and done in our lives and live in love and hope and at peace.

John 3:15

That everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.

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