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Planet Internet

Updated: Jul 10

The last quarter of the 20th century has certainly got to be one of the most remarkable centuries as far as our achievements go as a collective group of humans beings. With rapid advancements in technology underpinning each decade of the 20th century, civilisation reached a point that no one in the 15th or 10th century perhaps envisioned.

7 continents and the Internet typed over a world map.
Planet Internet

We marvel at our achievements over centuries of thought, experimentation, application and creation. But who would have imagined that at the start of the 21st century more than half the world’s population would be congregating, assembling, thriving, earning and living on a new planet - the Internet!

Welcome to Planet Internet

The most interesting aspect of this new planet is that it is free to access - so to speak - to any citizen of the free world as long as they have access to an Internet connection and an interactive device (which will soon change). It is a planet that doesn’t require a passport, visa, ticket or any sort of verification - for now - to enter and let’s you roam freely.

The planet of the Internet is a virtual representation of the existing seven continents of Earth and its people. All of us ‘travel’ to this planet for many purposes. The 2020 pandemic led to most of us ‘residing’ in this planet for a large part of each day. And with the Metaverse staring at us ahead, very soon we might all end up emigrating to this planet for good.

This planet is also a museum, a library, an open book and a treasure trove of thoughts, visuals, media, ideas, knowledge and information. The Internet browser that we use - for now - can be seen as the spaceship that flies us across to the different ‘countries’ (websites/IP addresses) of this planet. But very soon, that browser might very well be ‘embedded’ into our bodies, and hence do away with the need for devices, gadgets, tools and browsers. The idea of the Internet of Bodies will soon be a reality!

We use this planet to store our thoughts (text, graphic & moving picture), ideas, memories; we use it to express, convey or communicate information, knowledge and opinions. We use this planet to make a living and sustain ourselves. We use this planet to make transactions, trade and exchange goods. We use this planet to traverse our past or the world’s archived past ever since the ‘Record’ button was invented. We use this planet to read and visualise the future. And we use this planet to pry into other lives and hope for a better life.

But how long will this planet be open to free access for anyone with an Internet connection? We are being primed for the Metaverse - a new Universe or galaxy in some ways? Will the planet of the Internet give way to the Metaverse? Well, it is obvious that the Metaverse will still be powered by the Internet in the initial stages until the Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies becomes a full-fledged reality. Once that happens, we will then become the Internet Protocol address or BP address Body Protocol Address

The idea of the Internet of Bodies will soon be a reality!

If you spend some time analysing the trajectory of current Internet technologies, it is competing in many ways to take over the function of a ‘spirit’, which is the non-physical part of our body. Let us take an example of the Metaverse; you are enticed by the idea that you can be present in a virtual world by wearing your A.R/V.R headsets and reap the joys of that virtual life through an avatar.

Now compare this to a believer’s life and how he or she depends on faith to live life for everything. When we pray for example, we are instantly connecting into our Spirit (non-physical part of the body) in which the Holy Spirit lives - if we believe and are walking in faith and the spirit - and we express ourselves to the Holy Spirit. No technology that is man made can ever come close to the working of the Holy Spirit and our spirit. The prince of the world can try as much as he wants to by powering up the technological world with ideas, inventions and creations but it will never come close to the power of the Holy Spirit.

The pandemic of 2020 brought the physical church into the planet of the Internet at a much larger scale. And now, even after two years of the pandemic, many churches continue to stream their services online, many new online only churches have started, and there has been an exponential rise of online ministries engaging in multiple features from prophetic word to sermons on a wide range of topics and to worship sessions. Who would have thought that anyone could step into a service taking place in Sydney and in the next second enter a service happening in California? Who would have thought anyone could have access to a sermon by evangelists from the 1980s as well as audio sermons of 19th century preachers.

The planet of the Internet has certainly brought into the body of Christ many more believers as well as backsliders who were veering off course.

But it is a matter of time where even the Church might be enticed or drawn into using A.R/V.R technologies to give the believers a virtually enhanced spiritual life. They might beguile you with all sorts of adventurous and fascinating ideas such as virtually walking in the Holy City where Jesus walked or to converse with Paul in the Metaverse. We need to be mindful of such technologies and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in the use of these technologies and to what extent we should use them.

For now, believers need to be cautious of how much travel we undertake to this planet. As we have seen that this planet has so much to offer, we can easily be swayed into living our lives in this planet for as long as it takes and not come out of it. There are young men and women around the world sitting in the privacy of their lives, heavily isolated but travelling in the planet of the Internet rapaciously. Even if we are travelling to this planet to hear the word or to be encouraged, let us ask the Lord to give us the strength to control and resist the urge to waste time on this planet.

The word of God through the preacher in Ecclesiastes admonishes us in chapter 6:9 that ‘Better is the sight of the eyes, than the wandering of the desire: this is also vanity and vexation of spirit’. Let us live in the real world where He has purposed our life, and as we walk with our feet to move from point to point, let us continually walk in the spirit to move from thought to thought but be guided and guarded by the Holy Spirit.

We should always go back to the word of the living God when we are unsure of how much of our lives need to be lived on this planet of the Internet and He will surely guide you in the spirit and deliver you.

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