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Climate might change, God will never!

Updated: Jul 9

For almost twenty years now into this century, the growing concern in every educated person’s mind is about climate change or global warming. And to add a thrust to it, news networks, media channels, foundations, NGOs, governments, global corporations, and almost every media entity or organisation is peddling the same narrative - rather desperately.

But should we be alarmed? Should we be worried and join the narrative?

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. (Psalms 24:1)

God is the ordainer of all things through the fullness of Christ. So when we start our very approach with this proclamation (Psalms 24:1), our sense of alarm, worry, and anxiety is controlled. If we walk in faith and not in sight (2 Cor 5:7), then getting alarmed or worried will defeat the claiming of this verse.

But how does the believer then reconcile what the world tells us with the word of God that we have for our earthly edification? Christ has already proclaimed to the body of Christ that ‘we are not of this world’ (John 15:19). Therefore there will always be a difference in our understanding and reconciliation of the world and the word.

While the body of Christ lives in faith and has a relationship in the spirit with the Godhead, our earthly bodies are the vessels that we have been given to carry out the purpose that He has set for us. Therefore we also have to live with those outside the body of Christ and have to be subject to the laws of the land but in the current circumstances of the world, we need to live with a discernment that comes from being guided in the Spirit.

Everywhere we look around us, it is only news of desolation, poverty, hunger, crises, inequality, wars, strife, genocide, pandemics, inflation, and the other forms of oppression in humanity. If you are in a first world nation, you are either connected to what’s happening around the world or you are completely isolated because you are busy caught up in your world of entertainment, pleasure and happiness.

But regardless of the world that we are living in, we have to continue living each day for His glory. And it is in this living that we take part in society, our community, our fellowship with one another regardless of their faith. We study and then work to feed our stomachs, pay our bills and save for a blessed life through retirement. And it is in this world that we will have to comply to government orders, rules and laws of the land. And climate change narrative that has already begun feeding into national legislations is something we need to look carefully into.

We were made by God and put on this planet that He created. In Isaiah 45:18, we read that ‘God Himself had formed the Earth and created it not in vain’. He knows the end of it. We are hid in Christ in God and take our confident hope through faith. We have a confident sense of God's plan for the Elect in the end days and beyond. We know that whatever is happening in the world right now is all heading towards the timeline that God had already laid out in the last days.

Witnessing new and rapidly evolving partnerships of private and public bodies around the world, the question of trust grows stronger in our minds. And we as believing members in the body of Christ need to ask the spirit to guide us in order that we live our lives in these new forming partnerships that will soon (if not already) play a dominant force in the world and in our lives.

Climate, of course changes, is changing and will change! We do not need to be told this loud and clear as if we were ignorant. It is self-evident that when our environment is repeatedly abused over centuries with our lifestyles and the progress of civilization, there will be a counter effect to it And to add to it, the birth of thousands of new human beings everyday will certainly contribute to the reduction in resources, impact on the environment and increase in aerial sewage later in time that we have made our skies to be.

But this is all still under God’s control! We do not have to be afraid of what the world tells about the damage we are doing or going to do to the environment. No amount of statistics, strategies, agendas or global forums will ever be able to tackle the challenges being brought by climate change. Until those very businesses that contributed to the largest percentage of pollution are shut, climate will only continue to degrade. All the talk we hear of initiatives and changes that are being put in place is only to suppress the least guilty of them all - the citizens of each country.

We know that this Earth will pass away at the end of the completion of His works (Rev 21:1) so until that happens no matter how much of worry is sowed in our minds, we know we have already been delivered into the New Earth by believing in Him and His word.

It is no surprise that when we have a population of almost 8 billion (or probably more) around the world, a major part of which is living in dense places, our emissions, pollutions, and wastage will be always on the rise. Until the pandemic of 2020, many of these developing countries and their populations were rapidly rising on the economic ladder and were spending more. Therefore, the impact on the environment and climate change would have been only exponential. Whether the pandemic stalled that damage is for future generations to decide.

We need to remind ourselves that no matter how advanced or powerful man made technologies & solutions are, they are foolish before the eyes of the Lord (I Corinthians 3:19). Yes, it might seem ignorant to say such a thing where the very device I am writing on is a man-made technology or the internet or the phone that I use or even the powerful technologies that save people in hospital beds. While they might be powerful on Earth for our comfort, extension and happiness, they still are limited in power before the almighty.

This doesn’t mean we live in a forest without using technology. No, it means we live our life with a discipline that comes when we learn to walk in faith and the spirit. What the world’s narrative is telling you is that ideally we are going to sanitize the world and make it the cleanest and greenest place to live for our children! For all its noble intentions and possible achievements in some nations, the fact remains that until we sanitise our minds and surrender to Him in the spirit, any amount of deep cleaning or broad greening will do the Earth no good.

Man is not the replenisher of Earth’s created elements (water, minerals, core elements, air, gases, chemicals, etc). Man can only replenish the earth as instructed through procreation and can tend to the earth with the technologies we create and use to sustain our life century after century. We have passed the time when we can go back to a healthier and cleaner world as far as the atmosphere goes. Even if a global government takes over the world, how much can they achieve even with force?

Therefore while we can appreciate global movements to find solutions to control the changes taking place in our climate and environment, on a personal level we can use a little sense and be mindful of our consumption, usage and wastage.

And beyond this, let us continually depend on God for wisdom to live our lives in this uncertain world and century.

Therefore while the climate is changing, rest assured that our God is never changing! He was, is and will be the I AM THAT I AM!

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