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7 Ordained Days of the week

Updated: May 19

The concept and cycle of a 7-day week is derived from the original template that God set for Earth when He created and ordained (Genesis 1:3-31) the world that would be our place of habitation in this visible reality.

It is the seven day cycle that has set in place the pattern for a week, that leads to months, which then leads to years, decades and centuries. But without the completion of a 7 day week, everything else falls apart. Just like without the roots of a tree the rest of its structure cannot come into being, so it is with the ordained 7 day week. It has kept us going day after day for everyone that comes and goes!

Without the completion of a cycle of a week, we cannot move forward, we will have no reference for the tomorrow, seasons will not be able to come forth and growth will not progress. We set out our plans for the weekend mid-way in the week, we feel the energy in the first few days of the week, we anticipate the remaining days of the week. Our emotions are also based around the day of week, our moods vary depending on the day of the week. But it is still a week inside which our lives carry out a repetitive pattern. All of this can happen only when we are in that cycle of a week set by Him for a purpose. It was ordained by Him as He willed it into existence.

Seven is a very significant number that runs right through the Bible and is mentioned more than 600 times in different derivations of it. There is certainly a powerful aspect of this number that was also encapsulated into the week. It doesn’t mean that we venerate the number or worship the number but humble ourselves in the powerful work of our Father who ordained this pattern.

One might wonder whether the Earth cares if it is creating a new week or if the ‘week’ herself knows she is creating a week? It is practically impossible for anyone to live without having a reference of a seven day cycle that gives an impetus or a momentum to life. Even those of unsound minds are living in that week. Everything that God creates has an image of Him which means there is an element of life in it-whether they be concepts or things. Whether the Earth knows it is moving forward or whether the week knows she is creating a pattern, that is not for us to consider, but what we need to consider, believe and be grateful for is the power of creation ordained by Him that has given us our diurnal references and has kept motion going forward and our lives moving ahead according to the purpose He set for us.

Imagine if we didn’t have this reference of a 7 day week, how would we derive a sense of order and fulfilment in our days? The world of philosophers and deep thinkers can weave tales out from the ancient about the formation of the week but it will always be based around his innate foolishness to outdo God and create a meaning from within the realms of Earth. When man cannot grasp the invisible and eternal power through His Godhead, he will only resort to evidence based concepts and ideas which have to be tested and proven in the eyes of society; this approach limits man understanding with more uncertainty because you are trying to understand the world from the things that are in the world..

No other plausible explanation is so convincing and powerful as the one ordained by our Eternal Father in the Bible. Man because of his foolish heart that is darkened (Romans 1:21) will try to reorder that, infuse man-made theories that are so random and abstract and yet it will not be convincing.

Man doesn’t like the direct simplicity of the word of God that originates and ends in faith. Because of man’s greatest weakness in not believing the invisible power that made all things visible, he gives up on faith but hides behind the garb of science to induce a concocted theory that rests on evidence which is then proven.

This makes a mockery of the Eternal God, His ordained wisdom & His supreme intelligence and much more - makes everything that was ordained to be realized only through the eyes of science. We -the believing body of Christ do not have to realize the powerful creation of God through science but by faith alone.

People are made to think the early civilisations from Egypt or Mesopotamia studied the movements of planetary bodies, observed seasons and came to a conclusion that a week ‘needs’ a 7 day cycle in order to set in place cycles of seasons and years. And the world revels in such marvels because anything that is man driven, researched through observations and proven with evidence is more convincing because it impresses others with the profound intellect of these thinkers from the ancient. Even if you consider the understanding of ancient philosophers on how the week came to be, they still didn’t create that pattern of a week because they didn’t ordain anything into existence. All their theories are only based around the discovery of what was already ordained by the Eternal father through the fullness of Christ. (Colossians 1:19)

The Holy Word of God was always there present for us to have an understanding of the world but man doesn’t find that worthy of believing because it is not based on evidence or proof. This is another side effect of eating the forbidden fruit - our minds would never believe anything until we saw it for ourselves. Even the fallen act of man was done because Eve saw the fruit (Genesis 3:6) after being tempted.

The world has been so shaped over the past few centuries culminating with the work of Darwin in the Origin of Species that it altered the way we approach the natural world around us and altered our reasoning to understand the things of life. Knowledge that is published in all books is nothing but a discovery of what has already been there created in the original template. When God purposed the world that we live in and when He willed everything into existence, He didn’t have a team researching, He didn't have to work on prototypes, He didn’t have a master architect or a plan designed that He went through over again and again. He didn’t have to run His ideas & theses through a peer reviewed journal, He didn’t have a team of engineers or supervisors to bring into reality all that we see.

God willed and proclaimed and everything came into existence!

God is the architect of everything that He created in the world and beyond our planet. Knowledge of subjects that are studied, researched and applied in our lives is only an act of studying the knowledge that God seeded in everything that He created over seven days.

The seven days of Creation can be identified as:

  1. Light Day

  2. Sky Day

  3. Nature Day

  4. Lights Day

  5. Creature Day

  6. Man Day

  7. Rest Day

And this cycle has continued throughout time and will continue until this Earth will pass away.

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