The believing body of Christ should be aware of key events that are shaping the narrative of this century within different sectors, industries, societies & countries of the world. We can pray for each of these different areas every day and uphold ourselves so that the Spirit of God will give us wisdom to discern the times.

The Spirit of God - The Comforter - will guide us.


Artificial Intelligence (A.I)


While human life is being automated heavily, A.I technologies might seem exciting with simple tasks in life that are now powered by our smartphone. But be wary as under the garb of convenience, comfort, simplicity & life saving remedies, A.I will take over and soon control your life and you will wake up to having no control. The word ‘artificial’ itself should give you a hint.

  • Tackle A.I. with S.I - Spiritual Intelligence.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Another crucial facet in the world of Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Augmented Reality (A.R) is a crucial phase in the current world before technologies invade our bodies and thus do away with interfaces and devices that are used now to enter the world of A.R. Notice how every phrase or term uses words  that simulate reality or give it a heightened (augmented) effect or is untrue (artificial).

  • Our spiritual truth exceeds all earthly realities



Digital World Map

Picture the latitudes and longitudes on a globe and then picture those lines being replaced with a computer grid that is interconnected. Blockchain has been the buzzword for a while and the goal is to get the entire world, technologies, people's digital selves, assets and everything possible onto the blockchain grid which can then be controlled by a few. It will come with immense benefits and security features that will entice nations and governments. It will be hard to avoid these changes as governments implement these technologies but be alert and try to shun these wherever possible.

  • Secure yourself and ask the Lord to guide you 




Banks are preparing themselves for the new world that will be empowered in the fourth industrial revolution. Using all the latest technologies that will progress in the 4IR, our money in their bank accounts will be represented in the new crypto currency system or digital cash. This is another devaluing of whatever we had. Investing in wealth could be a temporary measure but soon they will find a way to control wealth and assets.

  • We need not be afraid but ask the Lord to give us wisdom



Lab Experiments

We saw what the pandemic of 2020 did and how quickly pharma companies with the support of governments, foundations and private companies ramped up investments in research and released new technologies in the global treatment of the pandemic. Bio-technology can also be used clandestinely against the population because it concerns 'health' and 'death'. Fear still reigns in people’s minds when it comes to any illness.

  • We depend on the eternal technology in the spirit



Molecules Bio

Another word that tries to emulate the natural word ‘mimic’, these technologies will soon progress and impress the world and derivative products; ideas will come forth that might alter the very nature of our being. Once they use these modelling technologies on transhumans - which is already happening - it will certainly have far reaching effects on the future of human beings and machine beings. 

  • Be mindful of the technologies you use & be aware of its affects



Graphic Shapes

The inevitable partnership of private corporations - the huge monoliths in the world of finance - with governments around the world will set the first phase of showing the world how remarkably efficient and quick things can be done and problems solved with the backing of these corporations. Soon the role of the government will decrease and once they are infiltrated or compromised, what will be left is a totalitarian take over by private bodies who will simulate governments.

  • We cannot escape this merger but we need to stand united in the body of Christ.



Trash on Beach

The thrust on climate change (formerly pushed as global warming) is a decoy to bring in a new pandemic of a different kind. Climate change is not enlightenment to us. Anyone with a little bit of sense understands the effects of our lifestyle on climate. The continued campaigns to make us feel guilty of our contribution to climate change while huge corporations are not made to feel as guilty as we are made to, will create a lot of unrest as it will affect economies of developing nations and ultimately make them dependent on the global conglomerations.

  • God is in full control as He ordained it.



Coin Manufacturing

Another intermediate stage before it is plugged onto the blockchain, it will be a testing mechanism before it is ultimately incorporated as digital currency in the new world order. There will come a point when we will not be able to avoid it as once a new form of digital money is institutionalised, we will be affected.


  • Seek wisdom from the Lord to plan on reserves in various forms - hard assets, precious metals, F&B businesses, etc.



Entering credit card details

Digital security can hardly be trusted. All that we think is secured is not in reality. Everything is being compromised. Under the pretext of providing security, the owners of these cybersecurity powers are in essence putting you under continuous surveillance. Cybersecurity is but another name for surveillance after all. They will promise you secure access to your digital life that will be hooked to the blockchain grid, yet the very fact that we will be tagged in some way eventually is nullifying the idea of being secure. Our digital identity is a gateway to clandestine access to your life to the bodies who own your data through these digital IDs.


  • We cannot avoid having IDs but be alert and avoid a digital ID wherever possible.




The bedrock of the 21st century! Floating in infinite proportions, our entire history, our present and our future is all wrapped in the ocean of data stored in servers, clouds, storage farms and soon to be plugged on the grid. You are no longer a representation of your human self but more of a data representation. What matters to the new world order is keeping your ‘data’ in check. Any data that is unnecessary will be in question and might be purged. Right from your thoughts that you think, create, post, publish or print through any forms of digital media that you will be used will be on that global grid for checks and filtering all in the name of security and safety.

  • The word of God is our only data to guard us 



Desk and Chair

Education has been corrupted with extreme left-wing ideologies that are being used in the garb of critical race theory, woke ideology, gender issues & other soon to be distorted notions of our established practices. All these aspects listed here are the outcomes of man pushing himself to be like God for hundreds of years and when this is supported with extreme liberal tendencies, it becomes a perfect recipe for disaster ahead. Students from developing nations who study in the west are infected with these ideologies and carry it back and then it spreads in their work and catches momentum. 

  • Gather as much as information on the vision,  mission & funding of institutions before enrolling.



Watching TVs

Entertainment is keeping the world distracted and hooked to their devices while the world is being reset. All the binge watching platforms from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and any other streaming service that provides entertainment is only meant to keep you distracted from what is happening behind your back. These platforms are also shaping the minds of those watching in order to prepare them for the new world that is lining up.


  • Try to avoid these services as much as possible and if you still use them, exercise moderation and discipline in what you watch and how long you watch.



Crop Sowing

Once Genetically Modified Crops (GMO based) are spread around a major part of the world, you will notice incremental changes in food production and eventually taste. They will sell these products as the most beneficial & healthy to the human race and mislead you and then trap you. If they are not able to make headway they will create another global situation with traditional farming methods and the food that is generated with those methods. Processed food will also be taken over with advances in technology ranging from 3D food to biomimicry based proteins. Meat will be manufactured and possibly falsely created to simulate the real thing and people will be impressed.


  • Don’t be fooled, it will ultimately destroy your body. Invest in your own organic production if you can.



Multi Storey Building

These have been the source of the institutional investment & spread of money across the globe to set the long term agenda for the new world in all countries. Money has always been the most easiest of things to control anyone with. Foundations for the past 70-80 years have been pumping in money into private bodies, organisations in order to push forward their ulterior motives.

  • Do not trust any foundation, charity or organisation that proclaims it is doing good for the world. Follow the source of money.



Political Interview

Governments will soon lose the strength they once had especially in democratic setups. Once most elections will be rigged/controlled through external agencies, government will no longer will be able to serve the people independently and trust will then be lost. The global take over will not be so conspicuous at first but will slowly condition people’s minds to it just like how we were conditioned to fear, surveillance and doubt during the years of the pandemic of 2020. What could be even more dangerous is the introduction of Government by Algorithm that can alter the course of humanity for good.

  • Pray before placing your complete trust in government & put you trust in our Father first.



Pride Parade

This was something due and has already reached its goals in many ways with the rapidly shifting gender identification and appellations that are taking place all over the world. Another spoke in the wheel of confusion sowed in minds to keep us sensitised in the name of genders while desensitising or neutralising what we have always know from the word of God. Almost everything will be gender oriented that one day you will be so confused with all the differences that have creeped in and it might lead you to a whole new level of disgust.


  • Keep close to the word of God and claim His word continually. Do not be afraid to speak out & take a stand in faith.



Scientist in Greenhouse

Genetically Modified Organisms has been a long term project that is now trying to enter markets that cater to large populations. The global corporations will not rest until they do away will all traditional modes of farming, food and products. They will put in a mechanism akin to the global shoulder treatment of 2021-2024 and bring in the new GMO products.

  • Everything that God ordained man wants to destroy & recreate.



Hospital Working Day

Global health will only worsen in the years ahead as the ability to unleash pandemics at any time will increase which will add to mental disorders and lifestyle changes that will only worsen and weaken the body’s ability to fight the diseases or illness with the natural immunity that we have. Yet people will depend on medical bodies and agencies and trust them completely in order to return to a normal life.

  • Live a healthy & balanced life of exercise  & rest and continually renew your spirit through the word.



Computer Screen Closeup

Internet 1.0 that we have been accustomed to for two decades will soon be outdated and will become equivalent to libraries that became empty when books become digital. The sites will still be an index source for the online world. Once new technologies will come into place on the heels of the 4IR, Internet 1.0 will look impotent. Internet 2.0 will be the new version that will embody the Internet of Things and soon Internet of Bodies (perhaps Internet 3.0?). 

  • Exercise discipline & avoid getting trapped into the excitement.



Court Room

Most constitutions will become void or be made void and any court will not be able to question that when global ownership comes into place. This will take some time as there are many nations that will have to set in motion the events that will lead to this epochal moment in the history of the modern world. Criminal cases will be on the blockchain grid, which - powered by extreme global surveillance - will be easy to identify and solve. Civil cases will also be redressed through the block chaining technology and there might be weaker courts in smaller parts to dispense off justice.

Our constitution is in the immutable word of the living God.



Senior with Mask

The original lockdown of 2020 was a template created and used to test as well as condition all of us for what is to come in the years ahead. They will use this repeatedly until they exhaust virus-based pandemics and then will create a climate based pandemic or then a digital pandemic to keep us going in circles until we are fed up and revolt, which will be too late by then.

  • They can physically lock you but can never lock you spiritually.



Camera Recording in the House

The media houses around the world have all been mostly infiltrated and compromised. Many of these corporations are invested heavily by 'big money' that is in reality - fiat money. This enables them to shape what these media houses promulgate. All major news networks in the world are doling out the same message in unison which confirms the compromise. Stay away from the idiot box, do not trust any news channel or source.


  • Dig out the information for yourself through independent sources. Even if you do watch the T.V., do not blindly believe everything being told to you but question it and then find for yourself.



Stacks of Records

Music creation already transformed itself over four or five decades when major labels brought out a variety of artists who gave birth to new extreme ideologies where anything and everything is permissible except that which is moral, true and spiritual. The music will be more about image, fantasy and falsities.


  • Enjoy the music which the spirit guides you to listen, you will know it when you are walking the spirit.



Sorting Medicine

The medical experts that weighed in persistently in the pandemic of 2020 will be used repeatedly in the next phase of the new world order. They want us all to be lifelong patients and the world to be a global hospital. The trust that we had placed in medication until now and the trust we had in our medical system and doctors will all be reset. Hence the global bodies will mandate the medicine that they think will be essential.

  • Live a healthy life and exercise moderation in everything. Be cautious in the amount of processed food you take and feed your spirit with the word continually.




Exciting new technology that has been in use for a while but on the shoulders of A.I and other invasive products that are being tested, they will eventually do away with interfaces, gadgets and tools that we would use. And then Nanotechnology will be used to enter our bodies, which will be the final point in the human transition from things external to being internal inside our bodies.

  • Control your excitement and use of these technologies when they would be out in the market. 


Net Zero

Industrial Smoke

Another global ploy. Nothing can ever be made zero-carbon because that would mean shutting down life completely. They use this ploy against you and hold you and your lifestyle hostage. While these global organizations are untouched in their carbon footprint, they only want to blame you with as much as guilt and then control your life.



  • Be wise and stand up wherever you can to exercise wisdom when you are being told to keep a check on your emissions.



Brain Sketch

One step closer to bringing the A.I insertion into our bodies, this technology has been growing rapidly with more money being invested in this in order to ensure its full success. Riding with other invasive tools and devices that will eventually be encouraged in the public domain, one day it might be mandated for everyone.



  • Be alert and don’t get caught up in this excitement and do not let it be tried on you.




Pharma has always been about profit at the expense of sickness, fear and death. The pandemic of 2020 witnessed huge profits for these conglomerates while so many lost their lives due to the very treatment offered. Governments, corporations, health experts, health agencies have all been compromised and infiltrated.

  • Overcome your fear of diseases, illnesses, diagnoses and continually uphold your body in prayer and ask the Spirit to renew you every day.



Recycled Cardboard

This word has been recklessly used and pursued globally by NGO’s, global foundations and organisations who think they are the only rightful protectors of the planet because of the money they have. People have been caught in this wrangle of curtailing renewable resources from the earth in order to lessen the impact on the world. While these global bodies keep you soaked in guilt, they continue their premium lifestyles with fast cars, private jets, beach houses and lavish lifestyles.


  • Be careful not to get trapped into this vortex but exercise moderation and caution in everything you do.


Smart World

Futuristic Car

The excitement that anything tagged ’smart’ brings to our limited senses will only increase as the smartness of things increases exponentially. Smart cities, smart food, smart cars, smart things will soon be as common as the smartphone that we used for two decades. Empowered with the Internet of Things, smart living will be the ideal for every citizen. Yet it will cause more harm in the long run as it will soon morph into a smart human, meaning a chip inserted inside you.

Retain your God given ability to be a Smarthuman being and let technology be under your control.


Social Media

Instastory food

The source of corrupting the young mind, changing mindsets radically, adding to anxiety and a large waste of time, social media platforms will last for some more time until they bring in the next phase that will be linked to the meta verse. A majority of those who spend considerable amounts of time on social media platforms are not aware that they are being reconditioned in every way possible.

  • Balance out your online presence in these social media networks and guard your thoughts by maintaining a healthy relationship with our Father through prayer.



Security Surveillance

Another variant of cybersecurity, the goal of the global body is to subject the entire world, humans, things, assets, and almost everything to be under perpetual surveillance mode in the name of global security. Your life is already under surveillance that is growing exponentially everyday. Once all humans are tagged digitally onto a digital global database, the end will then be near.

  • Beyond our earthly surveillance that we cannot escape, our God keeps us wrapped in His love which gives us peace and security on this planet.


Search Engines

Using laptop keyboard

Eve in the garden was the first ‘searcher’ and her portal was the serpent right there to answer all her questions, and doubts about the nature of that fruit. Search engines will soon morph into our bodies through the gateways of A.R & V.R, which are all temporary in nature. Once humans are tired of the gadgets and tools needed to access the A.R & V.R world, then will the shift occur to bringing invasive technologies into our bodies.

  • Try not to get easily excited and trapped with the lure of these artificial technologies. Apply cautious moderation in all the technologies that you use.



Drone Camera

The ultimate goal of futurists is the merging of the man with the machine and of course, then, chucking the man out and letting the machine rule. The desperation that the world is witnessing with the rapid digitization of every field even in developing nations only confirms that there is a global power acting behind the scenes and weaving all the strands from around the world. Alphabet Inc. has enough data from the human minds (we who use their products) that they can unleash a nanobot army of our representations and take over those transhumans who will then dominate.

  • Our Lord is in full control and as these things get closer to reality, God will bring it all to an end.


Space Travel

Space station

It is an exciting distraction to keep the rest of the world in awe and wonder about man’s imagination, skills, ingenuity and technologies that can send life to another planet and colonise it. They will claim that space travel increases research technologies to improve the human condition on earth but that is another ploy. Don’t get caught up in that excitement. If you are involved in these industries you just have to carry out your role but don’t give up yourself in this excitement.

Space exploration might be exciting but do not be misled by deceptions.



Green Buildings

All forms of sustainable ideas, products, companies and the push by governments, the corporate world, agencies and every organization will slowly be used as a threat against anyone who wants to live and operate in the world. In the way they used the global treatment in the pandemic in the name of public safety, they will use sustainable ideas in the name of planet safety.

  • The Word of God which is powerful and alive sustains us when we walk in faith.




The root from which all of these sectors take their existence has set itself in a very enviable position. Ruling globally and having a hand in every area, the powers of tech will only increase so rapidly in time that the shift that will occur into the new world will be of a seismic proportion that will put technology on the highest platform in life and will be veneered by everybody as the greatest achievement of the human race. 

  • No technology that is man made can come close to the eternal power of God Almighty.



Empty Class

Most of the private universities have been compromised and infiltrated with extreme left-wing ideologies to neutralise all concepts that the world had ingrained until about a century ago. Established notions and precepts of life have been attacked and questioned in every way in the name of freedom and liberal democratic values. Every faculty and department will be forced to comply and this will affect those young generations that are preparing for university studies. Education itself will be reordered in a hybrid format and new subjects will be brought that will go along with the new world agenda.

  • Our education comes from the word of God found in the Bible.


Universal Basic Income


Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a major goal to accomplish for the global bodies who want to keep the population controlled, subject to dole outs and dependent on them continually. The pandemic of 2020 was an example where some countries were able to send families a monthly income to keep them going in those uncertain times. Once this becomes a universal idea after economies collapse (or setup to collapse), and people are helpless, they will then own you and control you through UBI.


  • Ask the Lord to give you wisdom to be independent and pray that He gives you ideas that you can invest in now and be free from depending on others.




The global treatment of 2021-2024 was a test/template to see how the world would respond to new technologies that were used to produce vaccines so quickly. Once a mandate is secured globally through the W.H.O to administer vaccines for any serious endemic or pandemic, it will be a recurring process and we will be conditioned to go along with it in order to have a normal life. You have the right to exercise your choice to what enters your body.



  • Be wise and ask the Lord to guide you and to give you the confidence.

But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Daniel 12:4