If you are wondering?

Maybe you reached this page accidentally or someone told you about us, whatever be the reason, you are blessed to be here.


We are a gathering of believers in the body of Christ who stand in the truth and declare the Word of God.

Where do I find the word of God?

The books of the Bible are collectively called the Word of God. It is the truth that has kept us living in faith in our earthly lives over the centuries. When you choose to believe in Christ, the word of God becomes a source of life, nourishment, and direction for your life.


Why should I choose the Bible as a credible reference to live my life?

The Bible is the word of God for us here on Earth. It is a combination of biblical history, poetry, prophecy, gospels and epistles that we look up to as a spiritual guide as we live our days. No one is forcing you to believe in the Word of God. We choose to believe in the Word of God because it gives us the conviction and confidence in the spirit (our inner being that keeps our soul going and gives motion to our body) to live our lives in faith, respect, honor and love.


If I choose to believe in Christ, what will happen?

Your choice to believe in Christ who is the Son of the Eternal God that created and ordained everything, will bring you in the body of Christ (picture a circle inside which all the believing members -spirit beings- of Christ live while their bodies are on Earth). By believing in Christ, your life is redeemed into Eternity right from this earthly reality you are in. Upon your earthly death, your life (the living soul) is secured into eternity.

I don't believe in any concept after life nor eternity?

It is your choice but think about it for a while; If God created everything, He created it that it will live and last. Think of space - the place where you are sitting in right now and also the place beyond the planets of this galaxy; it is a living feature of being on Earth. So, if Space doesn't die out - then we that are spirit beings are more powerful than space - were made to live into eternity but only if we believe in Him.

What if I do not want to believe in Christ and I don’t like the idea of Eternity?

Your choice is a decision you have made after giving it thought. Perhaps you might have thought about the futility of life and its purpose on Earth in our bodies and have wondered if there is something out there beyond the limits of the sky or beyond this planet? But if you think that your life on Earth in your body is all there is to life and the things and actions you do constitute your life, it is your choice. You might have a wrong idea about Eternity. The world might lead you to think that life was made unto death and you see the same cycle in life but God made life eternal. Our fallen state in the garden of Eden is what brought death to the earthly body. The believing body of Christ lives on Earth waiting for the final deliverance into the New Earth and New Heavens.


Why should I believe in a God who has a Jewish ancestry?

The Word of God is final and the written words of God in the Bible are dictated by the Holy Spirit and they carry out God's plan, fulfil His prophecies and guide us in every step of our lives as we live on Earth. The Jewish people are His chosen people but everyone who believes in Him are also part of His chosen people, i.e. the Elect.


If Christ was a Jew on Earth and since He cares for the Jews mostly, what about the other nationalists, races and people?

God created everything and ordained everything. Christ came to seek and save those that were lost. Christ didn’t come to rescue only the Jewish race. Paul in Romans 1:22 writes that he is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew and to the Greek. The Greek here represents the other many nationalities of the world. In Genesis 22:18, we read that after God tempted Abraham to offer his son Issac and when Abraham obeyed the Lord, he was blessed and the Lord proclaimed that "And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice."


I did try to believe once but it was confusing when I read the Bible and many of my questions were not answered in the Bible or in the church that I was attending? 

Once you believe, you have let the Holy Spirit make an opening in your soul where the anointing comes and directs your thoughts. But without you listening, receiving, obeying and acting on those directions, your human spirit takes over which is the default mechanism of the human being. Let us not forget that when Christ was crucified, from the two robbers who were also to be crucified, one of them believed and he was granted life in Christ that very moment. This is an instance of instant believing without even reading the Bible (it wasn't even compiled at the time).

Once you believe and live a life in faith and walk in the spirit continually, your questions will be answered if you have a direct relationship with God our eternal Father in the spirit. Earthly churches and pastors, elders and deacons, are still human beings with their limits and human nature. While some might be anointed and living a strong life of faith, they still cannot and should not be your final source of confirmation of anything you want to have an understanding of. You need to look to God in your spirit and He will give you the conviction and clarity you are seeking.