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About Elect Hill

We live in reality, which is a temporary journey (temporeality) that we make in our bodies but we were made for Eternity. An Eternity in a new Earth that we cannot fully envisage from this reality.


The body of Christ around the world is the Elect gathering of believers who hold firm the truth that was before and at the beginning of this reality, and is with us until we are placed into Eternity.

From our Earthly bodies we will never comprehend the unfathomable power of our Eternal Father who purposed & ordained everything. His Son was sent in love to purchase our earthly redemption that we might have privileged access to eternity.

The world has never been at such an advanced state in the history of civilization and the pandemic of 2020 has changed the world completely. As we stand at the threshold of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the believer should be aware of the world that we are entering and needs to be spiritually guarded, informed and standing strong in the confidence of His hope.

The gospel of Matthew and chapter 24 has three references that Christ makes to the Elect in verses 22,24 & 31. These are powerful references that Christ is making to the believing body of Christ. In the same gospel of Matthew chapter 5 & verse 14, Christ mentions that 'You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.'

Elect Hill is a 21st century gathering of believers who are holding in truth the word of God and living in faith on the hill that cannot be hidden.


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Maybe you are trying to make sense of our world today

You are on Elect Hill

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Our Mission


We seek to bring spiritually inspired insights and perspectives into the world around us today to enable the 21st century believer to be spiritually strengthened & intellectually informed.

The powerful word of God weaved through the Bible is what we depend on.

Those who are new to the Hill, those who have never heard of the eternal truth, those seeking answers, you will find God's anointing on Elect Hill.